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My Transformative Journey through Trusting in God

July 22, 2023 Rakaan Kayali
The Practical Islamic Finance Podcast
My Transformative Journey through Trusting in God
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My Transformative Journey through Trusting in God


I share my powerful personal journey of overcoming a health crisis and finding solace and guidance in the teachings of Islam. 

In 2015, I felt like I was on the brink of collapse, both physically and mentally. The medical uncertainty I faced, along with my fear of leaving behind nothing of lasting impact, led me to start Practical Islamic Finance.

It was during this time I formed an unshakeable bond with Allah SWT. As I dived deeper into Islamic teachings, I found comfort and strength in continuous prayer and the practice of Zikr, to the point where my health started to improve dramatically. This life-changing experience reinforced my belief in Allah's divine plan and the value of unwavering trust in His guidance.

Delving into the core concepts of Islamic finance, I found erroneous ideas permeating the industry, and I was determined to offer rebuttals and alternatives. This commitment to unveiling beneficial knowledge continues to shape the content I share with the world.

In this video, I also underline the idea of "Tawakkul" or complete trust in Allah SWT, reflecting on its significance in shaping our destiny. I reference Islamic scriptures and narrations, including the story of Hajar, and highlight the Quran's call for proactive effort in conjunction with placing trust in Allah.

This journey not only deepened my faith but also set the foundation for the thriving community around Practical Islamic Finance, which aims to promote economic and monetary sensibility in the ummah and aid Muslims in achieving financial freedom in a truly halal way.


Intro  0:00
The hadith  1:33
Prayer  3:10
Destiny  4:16
Luck  4:55
The Mutwakiel  5:41
Hajjar  6:22
Water 7:06
Conclusion  7:54



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The hadith
The Mutwakiel