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Why @IFGuru is Wrong About Islamic Mortgages

November 27, 2023
The Practical Islamic Finance Podcast
Why @IFGuru is Wrong About Islamic Mortgages
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Why @IFGuru is Wrong About Islamic Mortgages

I've long been critical of today's Islamic mortgages, calling for major reforms. Despite this, I've seen them become even more entrenched, often using loopholes to appear riba-free.

IFG has a different view. They not only support but also invest in Islamic mortgages, defending their current setup.

This video aims to address IFG's points in a straightforward way.

No matter your stance on Islamic mortgages, I hope you find the insights valuable.

As always, Allah knows best.



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The different types of Islamic mortgages and how they work
The problem with Musharaka Mortgages
The problem with Murabaha Mortgages
Why I'm comfortable with rent-only mortgages with the option to buy
The problem with Ijarah Mortgages
Common concerns with Islamic Mortgages that IFG doesn't think are valid and my response to them
Common concerns with Islamic mortgages that IFG thinks are valid and my commentary on them