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10 Timeless Money Principles from Hadith!

November 08, 2023 Rakaan Kayali
The Practical Islamic Finance Podcast
10 Timeless Money Principles from Hadith!
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10 Timeless Money Principles from Hadith!

Welcome to a transformative video where we explore the wise financial teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), provided over 1400 years ago. I'm Rakaan Kayali, founder of Practical Islamic Finance, and in this video, we'll discuss 10 fundamental principles from the hadith that can guide your relationship with money and help you lead a more prosperous and content financial life.

These principles include understanding the importance of intention, placing trust in Allah SWT rather than wealth, avoiding greed, being honest, generous, and avoiding unnecessary debt, among other invaluable insights. Whether you're looking to strengthen your financial habits, reinforce your understanding of halal investing, or simply seeking personal growth and contentment in your life, this video will offer valuable guidance.

Join me in this journey to make smarter, halal-conscious decisions that align with the teachings of Islam. If this video resonates with you, please leave a like, and don't forget to subscribe for more insights into halal investing and Islamic finance.

Assalamu Alaykum and peace be upon you all.



Our podcast is about helping people ethically build wealth. We cover a broad range of topics including stock and crypto investing, product reviews, and general financial well-being.


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Intention Is Everything
Don't Compete for Worldly Gains
Don't Be Greedy
Honesty Protects Your Wealth
Wealth Is Destined To Reach You
Be Generous With Yourself
Be Proud
Avoid debt
Everyone Can Be Wealthy