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How to raise $1.6 million for your Islamic startup

December 02, 2023 Rakaan Kayali
The Practical Islamic Finance Podcast
How to raise $1.6 million for your Islamic startup
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How to raise $1.6 million for your Islamic startup



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Introduction and Compliments on Rakaan's Amazing Hair
Discussion about Takadao Project and Venture Capitalist Tim Draper: The Takadao project and the involvement of notable venture capitalist Tim Draper, which is a significant point of interest.
Early Entrepreneurship Ventures and USC Student Dorm Business: Early entrepreneurial ventures, including a unique business related to USC student dorms, demonstrating the guests' entrepreneurial journey.
Transition to Coffee House Venture: The first official business venture, transitioning into a coffee house, showcasing the evolution of their business pursuits.
Selling the Coffee Shop and Profitable Exit: The successful sale of the coffee shop and the profitable exit, highlighting a key milestone in their entrepreneurial journey.
Moving to a Muslim Country and Starting Halal Gummy Candy Manufacturing: Relocating to a Muslim country and beginning a new venture in Halal gummy candy manufacturing, reflecting a strategic business pivot.
Expansion and Exit from Halal Candy Business: Expansion and subsequent exit from the Halal candy business, which shows the scaling and successful conclusion of another venture.
Transition to Tech Business and Raising Venture Capital: Moving into the tech industry and the process of raising venture capital, indicating a significant shift in their business approach.
Introduction to the Concept of Takadao and Islamic Insurance: The introduction of Takadao and its alignment with Islamic insurance principles is discussed, highlighting the innovative aspect of their current venture.
Fundraising Strategy and Meeting with Tim Draper: the fundraising strategy for Takadao and the crucial meeting with Tim Draper, a key moment in their entrepreneurial path.